Auto reply for Android

Nowadays we all communicate at the touch of a button and are more connected than ever, but we can’t always reply to messages as instantly as some people would like. Whether you’re driving, at work, in a meeting or at the gym.. When you aren’t able to reply – Can’t Talk will.

HDMI CEC Information for Intel® NUC

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) via HDMI allows bidirectional communication between your Intel® NUC and your TV, meaning you can control some functions of your Intel NUC with your TV remote. Two types of CEC are available depending on your Intel NUC model—onboard CEC or external CEC. Onboard CEC The following Intel NUC Kits have the… Read more »

Synology NAS DHCP Server

Your Synology NAS can act as a DHCP server and assign dynamic IP addresses to DHCP clients within your local network. To enable DHCP server: Go to Control Panel > DHCP Server > Network Interface. Select a network interface (e.g. LAN 1) to assign IP addresses to, and click Edit. On the pop-up window, click… Read more »